Waiting for Pipo to Complete the family {Family Photography | Mel Albuquerque Photography}

Event held in 12/07/2017 - Photos by meladm

The pregnancy session is just like a pause button from all the rush and craziness that becomes life when we are expecting a baby. And if it is the second baby, get ready, because it tend to get even more confusing and the to do lists never seem to reach the end. So that is when it is normally time for a pregnancy photo session and the pause button I talked about. The family has time to just relax, look at each other, embrace the moment and feel thankful for so many blessings. Happiness is happening right there and it is important to be conscious of this.


I love to photograph the real family dynamics and how a family lives and does things at that given moment. It all changes so fast and we hardly ever notice the small changes. Old habits, beds, beside books, favorite toy, high feeding chair… it is all so easily forgotten! We only realize how much we had forgot once we look at old family photos and relive the beauty of the everyday lives as if time had never gone by.

The welcoming a younger child turns everything around and somehow it is all new, all over again. Its not a second child, but a new child, a new family all over again. It is worth every click of the big bump and new room with the new baby things and clothes, and specially the interaction of the big sister, in this families case, with the parents and the bump. So adorable!

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