A Cute family trio {Family Lifestyle Photography | Mel Albuquerque Photography}

Event held in 01/10/2016 - Photos by meladm

I have been clicking this family since Leo’s first birthday. We have met another two times and this last time around I went for a family in-home session, which I LOVE!! It was so fun! It is very special to be able to photograph the family’s space and where they normally interact. We never take pictures of our own house. Our bedroom, kitchen… Do you? It’s so good to look back at this kind of session. You have to try it!

Leo, Ricardo and Larissa are a sweet family. They are very united and loving with one another. A beautiful family dynamic. During the photo session they did only what they would normally do at home. And that said, besides having fun, reading books and jumping on the bed, they love to cook together. So they baked a super cake!

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