Flávia+Francisco+Rodrigo | Lifestyle Family Session {Mel Albuquerque Photography}

Event held in 16/08/2017 - Photos by meladm

The lifestyle family Photo session is a chance to perpetuate the day-to-day life, the corners of the home that we warmly prepare and each stage of our life as a family. As children grow, everyone grows as well. The family changes together, the house, the routine, everything changes quickly and so subtly that nobody notices the transitions. The photos come as a way to freeze every delicious phase of life. They are all are divine, but why not eternalize a little bit of each, right ?!

This beautiful family came from Portugal in the search for opportunities in Brazil, and was already very well adapted when we photographed this family session. While so many people seek to leave Brazil, they have made the opposite move and are very happy in São Paulo, where they have chosen to live and work.

In my opinion, a family photo session like this should be done every year. Only birthday pictures are not enough to perpetuate beautiful memories of our family. It’s one of the smartest investments. I also make family photos like these, myself! It is very special. <3

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