Family + Pregnancy Session {Lifestyle Pregnancy Session | Mel Albuquerque Photography}

Event held in 04/06/2015 - Photos by meladm

A family photography session + pregnancy photo session is definitely among my favorites! It’s a lovely to mix all the family love with the expectation of the new baby coming in and with a pinch (or a handful) of messiness in Spanish. How cute was it to hear Isabela playing around in Spanish.

This beautiful family came from Bogotá to have Maria Clara in São Paulo. They lived for many years abroad and found it was important to deliver their daughters in Brazil, close to the family and with the same ‘made in Brazil’ origins. Super valid! And very brave. What a hassle! I am happy that I have been able to meet them and witness the love and the perfect and well-resolved dynamic that exists between them.

Here is a little of what I was able to witness and capture with my photographer, mother and a woman in love with my own family point of view. It was a delicious morning that I’m sure will stay in their memories.

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