Expecting JP {Pregnancy Session | Mel Albuquerque Photography}

Event held in 01/07/2017 - Photos by meladm

This lifestyle pregnancy photoshoot turned out exactly the way I like it: sweet and amazing! Fernanda, who is expecting João Pedro, understood and set the right tone for the session. As a result, very delicate and feminine photos. It’s really awesome when I meet powerful pregnant women, who really feel good and know how beautiful they are pregnant.

The story of how I met Fernanda was funny. We met at Fleury, a laboratory facility in São Paulo, when my husband went on a routine exam. Fernanda went for an ultrasound and was having coffee with her sister. They were both charmed by my youngest son, Thomas, who is two! After a while he was giving them hugs and kisses! Hahaha. I could hardly see she was pregnant! When she told me I couldn’t help myself but to ask if she had already had her pregnancy photoshoot. I must confess: I can not resist when I meet a beautiful pregnant woman! She not only liked my work, but called me and closed ALL the sessions I had available! I am very happy to see my work appreciated and desired. I do everything with so much love and dedication. It is very rewarding.

The expectation for the first child is always very special and I have an extra affection for these moms. They know that there is lot yet to come and to discover, but no matter how prepared they are, they do not know how deep is the change that is about to happen to them. The pregnancy session is normally when the pregnant woman realizes that the time is coming. This is happening! So exciting! Fernanda is full of life and celebrated the pregnancy a lot. I also photographed João Pedro’s baby shower and it was so much fun. They even had had a live country music and she and her husband João Paulo enjoyed it all night. May it always be like that!


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