Birth of JP | Documentary Birth Photography {Mel Albuquerque Photography}

Event held in 19/08/2017 - Photos by meladm

The birth of João Pedro was very beautiful and celebrated by the whole family. It was the first grandchild of both family sides, so you can imagine the commotion and emotion that was his arrival. Documentary birth photography is really special and is a type of photography that allows all emotions to be raw and real. There is no interference of the photographer. I absolutely love it! I go running happily with every call, at any time of the day or night! I always try to participate in the moments before the birth, with the family gathered in the room, until after the baby arrives.

I also offer some extra services, like staying in the hospital until the baby arrives in the room, a trip to the hospital the day after, so that I can click the family already a little (very little) rested and without all that adrenaline going on. I photograph the souvenirs, decoration, and the visitors that are there when I arrive. It all depends on how much the family loves photographs!

Fernanda, João Pedro’s mother, is the one I talked about in another post. We met at Fleury Laboratory facility, in São Paulo. I photographed the baby shower and her pregnancy photo session. Now it was our third photo shoot, shall we say. And there is still the family lifestyle session still to come. It is very special to accompany and become the chosen photographer of the family. Even more special when I meet families like this one! All very dear and affectionate with each other and myself.

I confess that I love be able to live again and again the birth of a child through the families who choose me to photograph this special moment. I know, as a professional and as a mother, exactly what is fundamental in the short, medium and long term and I feel the full weight of that responsibility with pleasure and a lot of adrenaline. It’s almost like a marathon to me. There is no second chance in birth photography. The important thing is to get a head start on the story that is happening and concentration is key. Take a look at this beautiful story!

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