Mel Albuquerque

Hi, I’m Mel!

As a mother of two, I know the craziness that becomes life after having our own family. Having said that, I feel that my mission, as a mom and professional photographer, is to help families take a PAUSE of everything and create memories of love and madness to have (and to hold) forever.

I photograph with my heart, together with everything I have ever learned from my own life experiences: my childhood, my family, journalism school and newsrooms, to be able to read the story of each family I photograph, and witness the most intimate family moments, free of judgment and filled with reality.

Welcome to my sweet universe!

Looking back, I can say that photography addiction came when I was around 8. My dad was my family’s photographer and, just like me, he had a passion for freezing regular days of our lives when we were not even looking.

My heart fills with joy when I see my kids smile when we look through my old memory box.  Just like a time capsule, we travel through time at our place sometimes.

I’m a Storyteller

I love to say that I am a storyteller. I have studied drama, wrote lots of poems, music and short stories, sang my own songs in a band, and chose, not by chance, to be a journalist. I told real life stories for many years and then, later, also told and built brand stories for global corporations.

Telling stories has always been my “thing”. I love to feel new emotions and see the world through the eyes of the people I am photographing.

I graduated in Journalism and have a Marketing MBA. For many years I worked in newspapers, broadcast television, Public Relations and Communications agencies. Today I am a mix off every role I have ever had is what makes me… me.

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